Specialists, like Dr. Wilson, in veterinary behavioral medicine have the skills and knowledge to take detailed behavioral and medical histories, weed out irrelevant information, and base the treatment plan on the pertinent behavioral and medical information.

Are you feeling frustrated, hopeless and even embarrassed because your pet is difficult to manage? It isn't necessarily a training or obedience issue, and that is one of the reasons to choose Dr. Wilson.

Dr. Wilson is here to tell you, that there is always hope.

Does your dog or cat bite, destroy things or eliminate in your home? Maybe your dog barks incessantly when you're home or only when you're away. Are walks more work than fun or is it hard to have company over? Does your dog chase lights, his tail, lick or spin frequently?

Dogs and cats that behave this way can be helped when we address the underlying problems that only a trained behaviour veterinarian can identify, then coach you and your pet to success.

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